You've been called on business to the fantastical Mandala Hotel, Pleasure Palace - nay, Pleasure Empire of the Moon! Discover what's driven the Manager, Biznoc, to lock himself away in his penthouse; learn what wild, wonderful, and deadly truths the Hotel is home to; write your legend with your gloried laser pistol, the Xu-67; frolic with the beautiful Dally-Jacks and scandalous May-As-Well Mayabells; and decide the fate of the stars themselves in this text adventure.


To play this Twine adventure, you'll need to have downloaded Twine Story. If you don't have it already, you can download it for free here:

Once you have Twine Story installed, you'll need to open the file you've downloaded for MANDALA.

This should open the story. To play the game, look to the options bar above and click "BUILD", and then select "TEST PLAY" from the options that drop down. This will open the game in an internet browser. If the content is blocked, simply allow it access, and the game will come up. From there, read through each section and select the option you want to advance the story along.

Enjoy your time in the Mandala!